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Want to better understand the development of your baby or your child?

Willing to improve the relationship with your child (ren), exploring other paths with them, accompanying them in kindness?

Attending a conference with a quality speaker means learning new things and taking a step back.

It is also meeting and discussing with other parents who may be asking the same questions or experiencing the same difficulties on a daily basis.

Finally, it is leaving with new tools, new avenues for you and your family.


Previous Conference

"How can I help my child with natural medicines?" presented by Sébastien Delronge,  Sept 24th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

Naturopathy offers natural alternatives for any health problem. It uses a series of natural products (aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, Bach flowers, herbal medicine, food supplements ...) as an alternative (or as a complement) to allopathic medicines. But naturopathy is not limited to that! It is a global approach to health , which takes into account humans, their way of life, their diet, their environment, ....


This conference is intended for parents, future parents but also health professionals, perinatal, or childhood, to all people who want to understand the benefits of naturopathy for the well-being and health of babies and children.


The different topics covered:

- support the immune system to avoid repeated colds

- treat infections with aromatherapy

- Bach flowers to help emotional imbalances

- emergency care in case of ailments (wounds, bruises, burns, etc.)

- basic treatments for chronic diseases (eczema, asthma, etc.)


This conference will be moderated by Sébastien Delronge, naturopath and aromatherapist. Founder of SeBIO in 2007, Sébastien trained in aromatherapy with D. Baudoux. Naturopath since 2014 (trained at IEMN), Sébastien has a consulting room where he combines aromatherapy with other natural medicines (Bach flowers, gemmotherapy, phytotherapy, energy, geobiology, nutrition ...). Sébastien has been teaching aromatherapy since 2008 and has trained more than 1000 people in natural medicines.

Sébastien of course uses essential oils on a daily basis to heal himself, as well as his three children. Sébastien also leads parent workshops on the theme of non-violent communication using the famous "Faber and Mazlish" method.


Where? At the Center de l'Hêtre in Jurbise, Clos des Hauts Aimonts, 23 bis, 7050 Jurbise

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