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My story

My journey began in 2010 when I realized that my work as a chemist and project leader in a large American company was no longer fulfilling me, I was missing something, something human, essential. In 2011, I was extremely fortunate to be selected for a project in India, to help a NGO that supports women. This life experience has been very intense and rich, even overwhelming, certainly the catalyst for my search for meaning. A few months later I went back there with my partner. We helped more than 200 underprivileged children by providing them with clothes and educational material through fundraising from those around us.


In 2012, we have lost a baby at 13 weeks of pregnancy. At that time, I did not know where to turn and this life event made me understand the immensity of the pain of the loss of a small being in the making. I also realized the lack of support around this subject, which is sometimes taboo in our society.

In 2013, we became parents of a little girl, and 2 years later, we welcomed our little boy. I discovered myself as a mother amazed and passionate about the adventure of pregnancy, the miracle of giving life, the transformation that takes place in us when we become a parent. But also a mother well aware of the moments of doubt, and of the difficulties that we can go through during this intense period of our life.


In 2017, after a long journey through my own history, and after reconnecting with the basics, I decided it was time to listen to my heart and take a new path. I completed a training to become a doula and created "le jardin des étoiles".


To use my human qualities, my knowledge as well as the richness of my experiences of life, of meetings, to share and to support you in your new life of mother, parent, this is my way!

What I want to offer you

As a doula, I want to be a reassuring presence and a listening ear, from the moment of conception, throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. Supporting you at every step, giving you confidence in your parenting abilities and giving you leads to make your own choices in full awareness, these are my motivations.


As a cosmetologist, I want to share my know-how and my scientific experience through workshops. I am passionated by the use of natural ingredients, aromatherapy (use of essential oils) and olfactotherapy (treatment method that uses odors). I offer you practical advice and simple recipes to use at home to take care of your family naturally.


My trainings

Support around birth


  • Being a doula at the AFA: theoretical training with Sandrine Tirlo, Corinne d'Aries, Andrée Moxhet, Corinne Gere, Titou Bosseret and Catherine Massart and practical internship with the AFDB (voluntary support with (future) parents (2017-2018)

  • Baby-blues, post-partum depression, puerperal psychosis and maternal burn-out at AFA with Sandrine d'Huart (2018)

  • Entrepreneurship in perinatal care at AFA with Nancy Richard (2018)

  • “Rebozo know-how / uses” training with Virginie Derobe (2020)

  • On-going online training with Naoli Vinaver (2020)

Conferences, workshops and seminars:

  • Multidisciplinary scientific day on breastfeeding at ULB (2017)

  • Study day on “Pregnancy, maternity and discrimination at work” at the Institute for the equality of women and men (2017)

  • Conference "From well-being to well-being" with Anne Gendre and Paul Cesbron (2018)

  • Conference "Cries and anger of babies and young children" with Françoise Somers (2018)

  • Conference "Today's children are not those of yesterday" with Isabelle Filliozat (2018)

  • Conference "Physiological childbirth" with Evelyne Mathieu (2018)

  • Conference “The emotional relived of birth” with Dominique Porret and Antina Zerihilis (2018)

  • Conference "Teaching young children to manage their impulsivity and their emotions" with Alexandra Volckaerts and Marine Houssa (2018)

  • Conference "Discipline, child's play" with Brigitte Racine (2019)

  • International conference “Midwifery Today” with Michel Odent, Jan Tritten, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos (2019)

  • Workshop “Comfort techniques for midwifes and doulas” with Debra Pascali-Bonaro (2019)

  • Workshop “Malpresentations” with Gail Hart and Tine Greve (2019)

  • Introduction workshop Rebozo with Thea Van Tuyl (2019)

  • Workshop "Dealing with grief" with Sally Kelly (2019)

  • Conference "Giving women the confidence to give birth peacefully" with Céline Laloux and Valériane Gosset (2020) - organizer

  • Conference "Designing with assisted reproduction" with Estelle Phelippeau Métrot (2019)

  • Online conference "How to support new parents and their little ones in times of crisis" with Claire-Anne Sevrin (2020)

  • Online conference "Nest time and confinement" with Ingrid Bayot (2020)

  • Conference "How to help my child with natural medicines?" with Sébastien Delronge (2020) - organizer

  • Online conference "Endocrine disruptors" with Ms Röhl (2020)

  • Online conference "Placenta medicine: what is this ephemeral organ ?" with Yael Flauder (2021)

  • Online conference "Welcoming live during the pandemic" with Pascale Gustin (2021)

  • Seminar "Physiology and Birth" with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers (2021)

Cosmetology and aromatherapy

  • Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, specialization in Cosmetology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of ULB (2001-2002)

  • Aromatherapy with Anne-Françoise Malotaux from Pranarôm college (2003)

  • Vegetable and cosmetic oils with ITERG in Bordeaux (2006)

  • Aromatherapy and pediatrics with Sébastien Delronge (2018)

  • Aromatherapy and dermatology with Sébastien Delronge (2019)

  • Olfactotherapy with Sébastien Delronge (2020)

  • Aromatherapy and pregnancy with Sebastien Delronge (2021)

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